why is he still here?

i honestly have been asking myself that question for years…

…four of em, if you wanna split hairs.

i committed to running this header for the last hundred days leading up to the election:

and pull it after the election – but as of this being written (10:32am CST on friday, november 6th, 2020) the thing still hasn’t been called, although it is looking a little more the way i wanted it to this morning. but the fat lady ain’t sung yet…

…the fat man? the orange one with the horrible hair? he hasn’t sung, just dropped lie after lie in press conferences riling up his base. this will get uglier before it gets pretty. and it will be interesting to see if, come january, he vacates the residence should he have to. things will be getting odd, i have a feeling. but until it’s called, we keep the header.

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