how fresh are you?

you can be fancy fresh in october but i assume there’s a catch…

…there almost has to be!

so, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fresh prince of bel air the folks that own the iconic mansion you see in the intro (and any time jazz was “asked to leave”) are opening up part of it via air b-n-b for some dates in october. you get to stay in will’s “room’ (the one on the show was on a set, not in the actual house you see in the intro) and all meals are included (on a silver platter because…you know…bel air and shit).

the cost? thirty fucking bucks!

and that’s why i think there has to be a catch. all the proceeds go to the boys & girls club in west philadephia (where will was born and raised). maybe that thirty bucks is just a starting bid? because of that’s the straight price, and only five nights are open, this shit is going to EVAPORATE off the internet.

(on a personal note, happy birthday to my favorite girl who came up in the nineties, my lovely wife, nikki, aka “the ufc”!)

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