it’s whitey’s turn!

i just got done watching the daily (social distancing) show from last night…

…and real quick, remember some of this is written in advance, so the episode in question aired about a week or so ago.

two points came to me off that one…

1. in their preview of the award show they’re doing on their website, “the pandemmys”, they show the nominees for karen of the year, which are all pretty epic (and show that your average suburbanite woman doesn’t know shit about constitutional or federal law)

2. barr saying that pandemic lock downs are the worst thing to happen since slavery shows he’s forgetting about HIS OWN FUCKING OFFICE putting kids in cages, or the japanese (and german) internment camps during world war 2, etc, etc

but then it occurred to me – this is all a bit “to do” because it’s targeting a group that’s not used to being targeted.

white folk

i remember watching carlos mencia back in the early 2000’s when he used to play austin a lot more (to the point that we developed a bit of a friendship) and he was pointing out to a middle eastern guy that now, post 9-11, it was “their turn”. the blacks and hispanics and asians had been picked on and marginalized by the white american majority enough, but now it was muslim’s turn.

‘rona ain’t racist. i know it looks that way, due to minority communities being more effected, but that isn’t a melanin thing, that’s a mullah thing. that’s socioeconomic stratification. so the preventative measures not only get implemented on them, but on WHITE AMERICA as well.

and they ain’t dealing with it well.

that’s why white-ass-willy barr sees this as some “social injustice” and “infringement on civil liberties” – because HE’S expected to wear a mask. if it was just non-whites, it would be “in the interest of the public good”, and “to protect them from themselves”. but when white folk can’t get their cookie butter at trader joe’s with their naked chin? lord have mercy, we’re suffering like the slaves did!

swing loooooooooow, sweet char-e-uuut…..

but it’s not like we can’t eat meat on tuesday. that WAS a thing. and it applied to everybody to fight a (non)invisible enemy in world war i. even white folk did it. and a few years later, they had to wear masks.

and it was mandated. and they made ads to encourage it…

and their were motherfuckers that got all upset about it…

so now you know history repeats itself. but keep in mind we are barely six months into this being a real thing, and then one a hundred years ago lasted two full years…and that was with COMPITENT LEADERSHIP, which we currently do not have. and that was without trolls or online or social media to poison the well of information. so while my grandmother used to tell me stories about the 1918 stuff (she was eleven) and tell me “thanks to modern medicine your generation will never have to live through this” i think thanks to a combination of modern technology and outright lies from the administration this one might stretch on further than it’s predecessor.

dear white people – just shut up and take it.

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