saturday shopping tips

i don’t shop on saturdays…

…because i work fourteen hours.

but i know a lot of y’all do, so i’ll kick in about something i just discovered. because not everyone wants jeff bezos to have all the money, wal-mart has decided to launch their own service to compete with prime.

wal-mart plus launched a few days ago on the fifteenth.

i mean, yeah, there’s that whole “convenience” factor – but won’t you miss sights like this if you stay at home?

i mean, i’m in a weight loss challenge with my kid. a forty-nine year old against a sixteen year old. surprisingly, he was nine pounds lighter than me when we started so i had some catching up to do. seeing my phone screen does not motivate me to lose weight. but seeing this?

that’s some motherfucking motivation!

they offer same day delivery on groceries and a lot of other items, with some other added benefits thrown in, and the price for membership is similar to amazon prime. i had noticed that when you looked at things on the wal-mart app that it not only showed THEIR stuff, but stuff other people sell THROUGH their app, kinda like how amazon stuff isn’t always sold by them ACTUALLY so i thought this might be going this way.

we’ll see if the ufc wants to bother. it’s a harder pitch when you live in a small town and actual wal-mart is less than ten minutes from the house. it’s not like there’s an amazon store option around here (or anywhere, for that matter). although it would be nice when the only wide part of the experience is the monitor on my wall and not…

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