a public service announcement

i wanna take today, september 13th, to remind you of an interview that took place nineteen years and two days ago…

…that’s right. while there were still survivors being pulled from the smoldering rubble of a heinous terrorist attack against his home city, he felt it was most important to point out that now that the towers had fallen, he didn’t own the SECOND tallest building in manhattan, he owned THE tallest, because, you know, the others had just crumbled so he was top dog.

except he wasn’t – there was another building taller and he knew that, but the truth and this dipshit have never been on speaking terms.

it’s a jerk who’s ignorance, arrogance, and incompetence have helped boost a pandemic death toll to almost ONE HUNDRED TIMES the amount of lives lost on 9-11.

if you’re thinking of putting THAT back in the white house you deserve to be hung in your own front yard for treason.

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