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you know what i never thought of until this weekend?

this whole pandemic is really, really, REALLY fucking with the hearing impaired.

think about it – we’re given five senses. five. and you never really hear about people losing the senses of touch or smell. those seem to pretty fucking resilient. i mean, occasional numbness in some areas, sure – but universally can’t feel shit? that’s pretty abnormal…same can be said for smell – some folks can’t smell certain things, but overall there’s still a little something there. taste seems to follow suit; some things, sure. but universal loss of it you never really hear about.

meanwhile sight and hearing? you lose those you get everything from bumpy books to loyal pets.

and after dealing with a client this weekend i realized the hearing impaired really get a raw deal with this current pandemic shit. not just because, you know, there’s a pandemic and shit. but also because the majority of them rely on one form of communications, which currently is a bit difficult…

try and read those lips – i dare you!

the folks in the shop this weekend had it down, though – it was a mother daughter both wearing cloth (BLM) face masks and then clear plastic face shields. when i’d say something through my mask, the client’s daughter would pull down her cloth mask (but still be protected by her face shield) and repeat it so her mom could read her lips.

it worked out great.

but people who lack hearing AND an interpreter? those people will probably be spending an inordinate amount of time at home the next few months.

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