i know i didn’t imagine this shit

i worked out in lockhart today, where even though they have a full direct tv setup most of the tv’s on the wall are set to local stations…

…go figure.

beats the 700 club and fox “news” that’s on the other ones around the gym (yeah, the owners are THOSE people) but today i saw something on the austin nbc affiliate i swear i’ve never seen before and i couldn’t find an image online…

a car wash forecast!

this is brilliant – i have a car wash membership i need to renew but i see zero point in doing so until we have a couple rain-free days in a row, which we haven’t had. likewise, i have a tire that is in need of some attention but that can only happen at a used tire place, and those are all outside. while they are still open during rain, i feel like kind of a dick dragging them out in it, and i don’t like standing out in it either.

but a car wash forecast? where has THAT been? it’s not on their app – so was this an oxygen depleted hallucination due to wearing the fucking mask while i work out?

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