does this button look like a burrito to you?

so, the other day i had to break some unfortunate news to the ufc…

…taco bell was discontinuing the nachos supreme.

lest you worry about my wife’s health too much, i should quickly state she doesn’t go there often. it’s a, maybe, once a month indulgence. i always chalk it up to reminding her gastrointestinal system how far she’s come since poorer vegas days? but the order never changes – “whatever the combo meal is that comes with the nachos…and a mountain dew for the drink”.

but right after the revolution comes (i.e. election day 2020) it goes away. assuming we still have a society enough to miss it, it seems like an easy fix. to my recollection (and it’s been quite a while) all “supreme” means in taco bell to english conversion, is “add tomatoes and sour cream”. just the red and the white. shit, where do you think this brand got the colorway for their logo?

so it seems like all really ya need to do is order nachos, then add those two items, and you’re there, right? you just can’t call it that…because there’s no button.

i’ve been through this before with the subway feast. you know it’s good because of their celebrity spokesperson:

but now they won’t make one…because there’s no button. really? you have all the god damn ingredients…just work shit out! i know in the past they weren’t even labeled with words…just icons. to me it was like saying, “work here even if you can’t read!” but you know subway registers can’t look like that, because from an icon perspective all sandwiches pretty much look the same.

but they refused to work it out. so they lost my money.

i’ll say this – at least i learned register on a normal fucking register so i can make change. jeebus, i did a bit eighteen fucking years ago that talked about the lack of math skills with the fast food slop slingers and it’s only gotten worse. evolution is going backwards.

this might be the final sign.

i guess we’ll see what happens when the revolution comes in about seven or eight weeks…

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