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i was close…

…i think it was last wednesday or thursday i noticed a new channel on my siriusXM radio – channel 35 “Beastie Boys”.

yeah, you know where my radio has been pretty much since.

it’s not just their shit. it’s also bands they like or that influenced ’em, and guest spots called “pass the mic” where various celebrities do shows of their ten favorite beastie boys tracks. i haven’t made it through a whole show before reaching where i was going and having to shut it off, but one highlight: to hear john lennon’s kid refer to paul’s boutique as “his personal sergeant pepper’s…” speaks volumes of what is, honestly, my favorite beastie boys albums as well…

but i got an email yesterday letting me know that their was a new beastie boys channel…until august 18th. what? seriously? so i only get it for thirty days?!?

no, not quite…

…today the channel starting running ads that it was going away TO-FUCKING-MORROW! well, at least as a radio channel. you can still get it on the app (only until the 18th), but that’s not nearly as convenient (in my world) as the car. so, if you have a subscription download the app if you haven’t already and enjoy the jams – while you still can!

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