return of the jedi (no…seriously!)

guess what the number one movie at the box office was last weekend…

…and before you ask, YES, there was one!

because almost all movies are doing the straight to home release thing (or postponing their release lest they be known ad the cinema de muerte that killed a bunch of folks who went to see it and caught the ‘rona) drive ins are seeing a revival. it’s like the sonic ads these days, pointing out that your family can be together, eating in your car, and still be socially distant – but that’s the way sonic has always been so…um….hey look – something stayed the same as it was pre-covid!

but drive in movie theaters typically don’t get new shit – they get vintage shit. and this last weekends vintage shit was empire strikes back, which took the top slot even though some theaters are now reopened with slightly new shit. empire took the spot with only a half million in take over the weekend.

while that’s ridonkulously low by today’s standards, that’s how the whole movie industry is this year. so far the highest grossing movie for 2020 is bad boys for life, the long awaited close of the bad boys trilogy, coming twenty-some-odd years after the second one. and it’s take is less than a quarter billion, and the last time the top slot for a year was under that line was 1995, the year the original bad boys came out…

…mind B L O W N!

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