last call?

now that i enter the last year of my forties (shut-up, shane…you’ll be here soon enough) i can’t help but wonder if i’m really in as good a shape as i think…

…cause sometimes, in the morning, it sure as fuck don’t feel like it.

when my parents were my age they were already divorced. shit, dad had already been married to jean for over a decade. and neither of them really exercised to my knowledge. there were no gym memberships. no bike rides as a family going down at either house. and they sure as fuck didn’t seem to really watch what they ate or drank. so by comparison, i’d like to think i’m good.

we’re only in the “think” category because at my age both my parents had health insurance…and used it. frequent doctors visits. multiple check ups. i guess while i went the “diet/exercise/supplement” route they took the “doc, tell me what to do” route. dad did all right that way. mom, not so much.

i’ll dabble at that a bit this time next year, as i’ve always said i will have a full physical and check up and blood panel done at age fifty (and will have to get some insurance to make that happen). and if all checks out, we’ll do it again in another fifty years!

but most mornings i do have a bit of a cough, and some aches and pains in the hip (i blame my crumbling couch) and i pulled a hip adductor muscle tuesday which, as of this writing, seems to have chilled out, but in case you’re curious what that feels like it’s like that lingering soreness after you get hit in the nuts, just without the nausea and it lasts a day…

…which is every bit as unpleasant as it sounds.

so, as i approach the big five-oh, is this just life?

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