mr. ‘rona rising (a tuesday twofer about our everyday twofer)

let’s not refer to wearing a mask and/or gloves as the “new normal” just yet, okay?

that implies this is our life going forward in perpetuity and i just refuse to accept that.

what’s funny is that while i will admit, i’ve been impressed with how a large part of the populace has taken to the mask thing, the knowledge of how to wear it seems to escape people.

while i normally do original memes on here, this one sums it um pretty nicely.

and then there’s the gloves…

i feel like people see this as a one or the other thing.

“i’m wearing a mask, so i won’t worry about gloves…”

yeah, that’s not a good plan. gloves are good to protect your hands from carrying the disease back with you. sure, you wash your hands several times a day. good on ya for that. but you don’t have a sink in your car. and most of you don’t have that precious purell in the car either. so you just went to the store, touched a bunch of shit other people touched, and then walked out to the car and touched your door handle, your phone, your steering wheel, shifter, etc, etc.

now all that has the ‘rona, too. if you had it.

when the lockhart lock down happened a family friend and physician said the good thing about a mask was it reminded you not to touch your face, which is a valid point. but most of us take the mask off in the car, if not the parking lot, and then touch things including our face.

so keep at it with the gloves if you can. just sayin’.

i was bragging to co-workers only ten days ago that while the numbers were going up, we were still looking at less than one half of one percent having the virus. that ain’t bad. but in ten days less than .5% is already up to .75% percent. while that’s still a low number, that is a 50% increase in ten days. at that rate we’d be at over 75% (no decimal point) by labor day. so while i don’t want the shops to shut back down, and i think more economic crippling is going to be devastating, the fact that so many people can’t get it through their thick fucking skulls that this is a very real thing. a really inconvenient and annoying thing, but a real thing. some of us grew up with stories from our grandparents about the 1918 pandemic and know how bad shit can be…and with social media and 4,587 news feeds in our pockets or purses we get the information that much quicker…but we get the misinformation, too.

this is not chinese. this is not a hoax. almost five hundred folks in my little county alone can attest to that. take this shit seriously assuming it’s not too late – or the government will NOT be giving us an option.

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