the slouch couch part 2

so this kinda wrapped up nicely…

…which lately ain’t the way it goes.

so, we had lamented about the whole wayfair bullshit when all of a sudden i saw an ad on an instagram feed. there were two problems with that, though…

1. if you see an ad, and accidentally click through it, when you back up you go to the previous story, and then most of the time a DIFFERENT ad pops up, because they’re run on a rotation

2. i was sleep deprived, at the end of a long shift, and high as balls at the time, so i wasn’t sure how much of what i saw was real

what i THOUGHT i saw was an ad, calling the leather sectional i REALLY wanted, a “mayfair” (which you have to admit, sounds a little TOO much like “wayfair”) but it was a shitload cheaper. this was the one i really liked on wayfair, but had been out of stock since day one, and was (depending on the day) anywhere from $200 to $300 more expensive than the other option, clocking in at just under $2,500.

i passed out in bed soon thereafter.

the next day i hopped online (only slightly drunk this time, so reality and i were more on speaking terms) and i googled “mayfair sectional” and found it. there were some similarities.

wayfair – out of stock$2,449.99

midinmod – out of stock$1,799.99

see a slight similarity? and they had a burnt orange one i liked even better, in stock, for $300 LESS. so basically, for a grand less, i could buy from a texas business (this place was in houston) and get the shit delivered for free.

no brainer – order up!

(side note – i was equally proud of the savings as i was of it not being a weed induced delusion)

but of course, it wasn’t that simple.

the next day i got a call from sean (no relation) the sales manager. he told me that the website was wrong, and they actually had the left facing one (the one i needed) on back order, but they had the right facing in stock. the problem with “right facing” in that puts the chaise part along the wall, which means budnik can’t stare at the door, and that won’t work, so we needed left. so we’re pushed till august. but we’re locked in and ordered and paid for at $1,499.99, which got bumped a couple hundred right after we ordered, so not only did we save versus wayfair, we even saved versus the people we paid.

it turns out wayfair orders from these guys and they don’t cut them a break, so they mark them up considerably and then “discount down”. the reason they don’t cut them a break is they said they did that once, and wayfair said a chair they sold for $999 was actually $1,250, but they’d sell it for $800, undercutting them on their own shit (and in violation of their agreement) so now they sell to them the same price they sell to me. but the houston place will only ship to texas, whereas wayfair is nation wide, so that’s how they get their sales.

yet another good reason to live in texas.

so hopefully by the time shane’s last forty-something birthday rolls around (yeah, i said it – can you believe we met in our twenties?) i’ll have a slouchless couch!

now if we could only keep the corona at bay so it won’t be financially stressful!

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