i am really far from a conspiracy theorist…

…but today they kinda make sense to me.

there are two back stories at play here, both going back to my star ticket days (2000-2003).

the first deals with crippling toothache pain, which i was taught to stave off with echinacea, which was enough of a miracle cure that it’s become part of my morning ritual. i used to take 1200mg a day, but then they (CVS) stopped carrying 400mg capsules, and after searching found 350mg stuff at wal-mart so i went that way a bit. then stepped in H-E-B.

that’s the second back story – during the course of my star tickets career, and a big reason for the demise of it, was because H-E-B unilaterally took over the grocery market in texas, obliterating all the albertson’s, which were our ticket outlets and cementing itself, in many areas, as the only grocery game in town.

so H-E-B started carrying their own brand of echinacea in 400mg capsules, and unlike the puritan’s pride stuff i’d been getting for $7 for 100 capsules, it was only four bucks.

so that’s been the go to for years since. like since around 2012 or 2013 or so. and then we got into a pandemic…and in the midst of it, H-E-B has stopped carrying their own brand of echinacea, a natural immune system booster.

coincidence? or darker forces at work to make (or keep) us sick?

this week i hit no less than six H-E-B’s in four different counties. not only were they out of echinacea (an herb to help keep you well) they were also out of CLA (conjugated lucleic acid – a natural fat reducer).

so basically what i’m saying is the largest grocery store in texas is trying to get us fat and sick.

fat people eat more, and sick people go to the pharmacy more, which every H-E-B has.


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  • Kramer Jul 2, 2020 @ 17:08

    Coincidence. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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