dead animals and booze and flames

so, i made an executive decision a week or so ago…

…it was a time when, usually, you (if you know me) get a new facebook notification of an event on juneteenth.

for a few years it was a juneteenth bar-b-que. don’t get me wrong – the even went on for more than just a few years…it predated me having email. it went from juneteenth of 1997 to juneteenth of 2016. twenty solid years. it made its way from flyers to texts to evites to facebook event. and then we flipped it in 2017 to a happy hour at trudy’s.

i was happier.

while it didn’t have the same communal “spirit” it also didn’t have the same bill and bullshit on my end, with no cooking and no clean up. and then came CoVid.

with cases re-surging and more people starting to retreat back home i thought it was selfish as fuck to put people in the “i don’t wanna upset sean but i’m super nervous about being in a large group at a restaurant” position, so i just quietly shuttered it this year like so many institutions of american life have done.

well, sorta.

i’m still firing up the grill on friday. in fact, it’ll be the first time this monstrosity has been used for juneteenth shit. it’s just all the food will be coming to work with me and we’ll be doing a mini juneteenth bar-b-que in the back of the shop while we’re all working. and i might sneak in booze for myself. but for the first time in twenty-four years there won’t be a public “event”.

but we’ll do it up next year, CoVid or not.

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  • Kramer Jun 17, 2020 @ 19:08

    “ dead animals and booze and flames “

    I just hear someone signing, “these are a few of my favorite things…”

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