fuck the guns, what’s with the gloves?

so, thanks to hbo max (which i apparently have, but have yet to explore) we get looney tunes back…


as i’ve always said, without mel blanc doing the voice, it just doesn’t sound right to me:


to keep with the times they’ve removed the guns. no more pistols on yosemite sam’s hips. but…

so the guns can stay with his side gig as a mudflap model, but chainsaws are okay. likewise, fudd doesn’t get to pack his rifle any more (because nobody hunts that way any more?) but he gets to, instead, be the fucking grim reaper of the forest:

the reasoning being (and it makes sense, honestly) that kids don’t need to see shootings when they live in a world where that shit can realistically come for them at school. but a chainsaw? a scythe? all the dynamite you can get without blowing up your acme credit limit? that’s all cartoon violence, baby!

and honestly, i applaud them for that. but one thing you might not have caught with the last two stills:

what’s with bugs wearing yellow gloves? they try to say it’s a “throwback” to some of his earlier ones, which he did have, but the bulk of his appearances had white gloves. like 99.9% of em. so why did that have to change? i don’t buy that throwback excuse…is this some supposedly racist shit? anybody ever seen a police or military dress uniform? yeah, check the hands…

if you wanna read more, check out the little blurb that inspired this bit.

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