which vice should we embrace?

things are a bit different in the world these days…

…so we’ll follow suit here, minus flash-bangs, tear gas, masks, etc, etc.

i just mean we’ll do a fresh bit since it’s a bit of an occasion, and not do a flashback today.

shit, i’m not even wearing a mask as i type this. sanitize your devices accordingly.

so, a year from today i turn fifty. assuming air travel, and more importantly international air travel, isn’t much of a thing, i’d like to take a trip somewhere i’ve never been for my five-oh. the two options i came up with a while back were either ireland or cuba.

both have their pluses and their minuses.

ireland will be nice and cool compared to what i’m getting at home, where as cuba more than likely won’t.

(check as this is being written – 89° at 2pm 6/12 in austin, 87° at 2pm 6/12 in havana, 55° at 7pm 6/12 in dublin)

so i was right on that. in theory there’s not as much of a language barrier in ireland, but it’s a much longer flight. not sure where the currency exchange rates will be at that point with all the economic upheaval, and of course this will be on the other side of the election and if america drops the ball (again) and keeps agent orange in there’s a serious chance cuba won’t be allowed, and an equally serious chance i won’t be living on american soil, so we’ll have to see where it takes us. i’m not a rum fan, but i dig cuba’s cigars. and, of course, ireland’s whiskey. so i’ll see which vice rules the day closer to it next year – i figure i’ve got till january or february to really decided, right?

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