no great choices here, honestly (a flashback)

on the upside, my automotive leanings have gotten a LOT better…

…and on another upside, this adds another archive month that was missing to the list (and i didn’t even do that shit on purpose!). one odd note is this was done in january and i don’t believe my hand was forced on the car thing until a few months later, but only about ninety days or so after this as i recall (they found water in the oil of my malibu and it died on the way home, but this was all pre-server crash so finding those bits would be near impossible) and i chose one off the “not gonna happen” list and was pretty happy with it while i had it, i might add…

01/30/2006: “automotive for the people (extended mix)”

i have to admit…

…i’m kinda ashamed i never used this as a title.

at least, not as far back as a 30 second search revealed. and if i have used it, we’ll add “extended mix” to be safe.

moving on…

so, this spring, i’m thinking a new car is in order. okay, not a new new car, but one that’s new to me. after much consideration, i’ve narrowed it down to two and a half…the three and a half that did NOT make it (but round out the initial ride list, ’cause you know i had to make my own six pack here) –

1.0 the camaro convertible – because i’m not white trash, mulleted, going through a mid-life crisis, dating a stripper, or living in a trailer park – at least, not YET as far as two of those are concerned (i’ll let you guess which two).

2.0 the nissan maxima – because i’m not asian, white with post-hiroshima asian guilt, planning on decking out a $10K car with $25K worth of shit a la the fast & the furious or trying to nail teenage girls into fast rice-burning cars (okay, so ONE of those fits, and if you can’t figure out which one you must be new here…)

3.0-3.5 the chevy s-10 blazer 4×4 – because the last time i tried to look sexxxy to a trailer park girl it ended with me needing two shots of jim beam, three shots on penicillin, and i never did get my ac/dc records back – permanently switched me to latin women (some of you readers should thank the girl for that).

3.5?. – oh, fuck it, try and make something up for this part – i only gave myself a three and a half for the real consideration because…

3.5 – 4.75 – the tie between the newer cadillac deville and the slightly older sls/sts – the older has the better price and the sportiness, the newer has the lesser age, more modern style, and slightly more pimpability…but honestly, i’m leaning more the S series way – and for all of you who don’t get it, you probably don’t ride anywhere with me anyway, so fuck off – i think cadillacs are stylish, and ever since i rented one (although the night did have a slight down side) i’ve wanted one. it will make me cool to mob guys, and that could come in handy…

4.75-6.0 – the chevy trailblazer – another rental i kinda liked (god bless enterprise) but having never owned a truck, or driven one on a long-term basis, the worse mileage and higher center of gravity (given the way i drive) might be the fatal blows here. time will tell. i think it would have lower maintenance costs than the caddi, but i’ll have to look into it.

anyone with an opinion here?

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only if you’re driving, sweetie…

sean said @ 02/06/2006 04:42 PM CST

WHAT NO MIATA?? Come on picture it, you lttle car cher playing could be fun

ME said @ 02/06/2006 01:14 PM CST

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