career fluidity

when you think about it, a lot of jobs deal with bodily fluids…

…it’s just that most of them deal with them BEFORE you’re hired, to see if you’ve smoked or snorted or shot or popped anything recently they’d have an issue with.

but other jobs deal with it on the regular. like doctors and nurses. and sex workers. and tattoo artists. but we (the last one) tend to deal mainly with blood. and here’s a very little known fact…


it’s true. viruses spread and grow by latching onto cells, invading said cells, and then replicating using what they got from the cells for the energy to do so. blood cells DO NOT have the coding any cornavirus can bond to and grow in, so it’s been universally agreed upon and accepted that you don’t need to worry about getting this shit from blood…and that’s what WE deal in primarily.

(i say primarily because, by nature, we do inflict a certain level of discomfort on folks with what we do and people react to discomfort in various ways, which can include, in extreme cases, certain other fluids and/or…um…substances…leaving the body involuntarily. but that’s hella rare…)

but friday barber shops, salons, beauty schools (what daphuk?), and tanning salons (even more what daphuk?) were allowed to open in texas. malls and movie theaters and restaurants were, too, but tattoo and piercing shops were not.


my theory is the wifey factor. you know our governor and everybody on that panel that’s deciding what can and can’t reopen has a wife or a girlfriend (or both) in their ear talking about how their nails or hair or brows need some serious attention. or maybe the men are just tired of looking at the shaggy wildebeest their woman becomes when the usual maintenance isn’t allowed. so they HAD to let those businesses open so they could get some sleep…but how many of them were pushing to get a cross on their wrist? a sacred heart on their hip? my guess is little to none – so we got left out in the cold.

that prompted me to leave a voicemail on the governor’s message line (nobody would pick up) and send the following email:

Dear Gov Abbott –

Here’s what I don’t get – malls were allowed to open today, but tattoo & piercing shops weren’t. So if I want to go get by kid’s ear pierced today, I can go to a mall where another teenager his age or slightly older can shoot him in the head with a piercing gun, which can’t be sterilized, give him cleaning products that are just this side of watered down hand soap, and send us back out into the pandemic-ridden world.

But to get his ear pierced by a professional, who is actually trained in cross contamination (the leading spreader of this pandemic), and uses single use, sterile equipment, we have to wait for things to be “safer”? Even back when we all heard “Corona” and just thought “Mexican Beer” the mall was the less safe option, and even more so in the wake of what’s going on.

So what gives? Why are you endangering my kid?

To me this flies in the face of logic and reaks of a cultural bias towards the tattoo community. Tattoo folk vote too, you know. And you’re up for re-election soon.

and if this goes on much longer? i’m just gonna start showing up to the man’s office. daily. shit, it’s not like i have much else going on.

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