whiskey wednesday (cinco de drinko edition)

since we didn’t get to do cinco de mayo yesterday, i figure we’d do another edition of “whiskey wednesday”…

…it makes sense for two reasons:

1. this site is free of all viruses, including the corona one
2. most mexican folks are catholic, and when presented with a bottle of scotch by visiting seminary students from scotland recently, rather than quickly hand it off to his assistant like he did with the other gifts, he paused, looked lovingly down at the bottle, then held it up and proclaimed, “Questa e la vera acqua santa!”. In case you’re not up on your latin, this translates to “this is the real holy water!”

so there’s that.

at this point dates are irrelevant since every day is just whatdaphukeverdayitis so here’s two more:

powers gold irish whiskey

one thing i like about whiskey – if the first taste is a little odd, or a little strong, just take a second sip. better, but still a bit off? take a third. and so on. by about five or six it tastes like butter. this starts a bit off, but it’s also a bit strong by american hooch standards (i think at 86 proof vs standard 80) but it’s got a robust flavor and a smooth finish.

slane irsh whiskey

this one sits at the standard 80 proof, but is triple casked, giving it a distinctive almost woodsy flavor. like drinking a cigar. just that last line alone should let you know i’ve already doubled up and bought a second bottle of this. it also helps that nobody else seems to have discovered it around here and the liquor store five minutes from the house carries it for thirty bucks a bottle.

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