oh what a difference a week makes (family edition)

one of the down sides to my work schedule vs the ufc’s work schedule is we don’t get a lot of family time…

…that, for the time being, is not our problem.

with the co row nuh scare going full tilt, “flatten the curve” and like that, the ufc worked from home all last week and the boy was on spring break. so we were all at home on my days off, and any other time i was home for that matter. then there’s this week – where we are now on week two of his three week spring break (that pre-pandemic was supposed to be only one week) and the ufc still working from home.

so we are not lacking in “family time”.

i’m still working somewhat normal hours, it’s just some of the work details have adjusted to fit the times and restrictions. this is one of the advantages of my job – with no clear title or list of duties i can freely adjust it as things necessitate and keep drawing my salary.

guess we’ll see where this takes us!

(i promise that the next bit, like caldwell county at the time this is being written, will be COVID-19 free!)

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