oh what a difference a week makes (fox news edition)

so, a peak behind the curtain here…

…if i’m “doing it right” this page is written a week or two in advance. typically this is no big deal, because my “a fat lady walked into the shoe store today” tattoo shop shtick doesn’t really have timestamps on it, nor does it need em.

but then we had a global pandemic.

if you ever watched the show “doomsday preppers” you know there’s a segment of our population that might be feeling pretty smug right now.

but i just watched some video on a huffington post article on fox news and it’s reversal of view on the coronavirus. and while i can’t stand those fuckers, especially coming from a place of having an actual journalism degree with a specialty in broadcasting, i get it. i do. they’ve spent the bulk of their career blaming democrats for…well…everything. shit, if i dig back in my medial archives i know i’ve discussed this because i find shit like this:

blaming them for nazis, 9-11, and a flat tire. it’s their thing. it’s what they do. as the showtime limited series about roger ailes stated, “we don’t tell them what to think – we’ll them how to feel” and they totally do. it’s easier to go through life if you’ve got your god/devil faith balance in check. something good happens? give praise to god. something bad? blame satan.

now swap “trump” for “god” and “democrats” or “libtards” for “satan” and you have every minute of fox broadcasting covered. and they have an unwavering loyalty. you have never owned a dog as loyal to you as fox news is to that cheet-o orange motherfucker.

i’ll give some credit to fox news (fuck me, that hurt to type) but they stayed on brand – their viewers wanna hear that all the world’s evil is from democrats and that trump can save us from it, and they stayed on brand for as long as they could. but they (kinda) knew when to say when, and take shit seriously. of course, when they did, he did.

and that’s when shit started to seem real.

so maybe we’re all living in fox news’ version of reality, whether we want to or not.

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