whiskey wednesday too

there will be a third short one later – i promise!

in keeping with my “try a new irish whiskey every week in march” bit we end up with an odd three days at the end of the month. seeing as how last year i did an extra for the “leftover week” which, in 2019, was only fucking sunday, i figured i’d really be shorting it if i didn’t give an extra for an (almost) half week. but here are the next two:

week three (mar 15-21) the whistler double oaked

i had never heard of the whistler until the ufc got me a bottle of the stronger version for xmas. it had a good kick, but was a little rich on the sherry (it’s aged in sherry casks at one point in it’s process) so i decided to try the double oak. what it lacks in punch (only eighty proof) it makes up for in flavor – and it’s a bit cheaper than the sherry-fueled stronger cousin.

week four (mar 22-28) tulamore dew rum cask

so in keeping with the “brands we all know but different” theme i had with the jameson cask mates we present “the dew”, but aged in rum casks “for sweet tropical notes”. while the jameson got it right, taking something i wasn’t a huge fan of and making it awesome, this takes something i’m not a huge fan of and makes it repulsive. the “bushmills vs jameson” thing will always be the “coke v pepsi” of irish whiskey to me, and while i prefer the former the stout barrel aging steps up the latter nicely. conversely, this abomination is like slapping a hawaiian shirt on a pasty-assed irish kid; maybe good for a laugh, but far from tasteful.

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