grey weather still brings me down (a throwback)

i saw that i had a bit that was long and exactly eighteen years old today…

…”no way i did TWO that day with this big bitch”, i said. apparently i was wrong:

03/19/2002: “afternoon quickie (let me know if it’s good for you)”

i get sick about once a year. not bad for a guy who really doesn’t take care of himself, huh? but about once a year my body thinks, “okay..enough of this wellness and letting this guy taste and smell and breathe…time to make a whole lotta phlegm and get funky!!!” this would be that time of year.

maybe it’s running myself into the ground. or the emotional stress of events of late. but the bottom line is, i feel like hot-buttered ass. (for those not acquainted with my special line of ghettofied sayings, that would not be a good thing….although a nice hot ass on a good hot woman could…and some butter to lube up with…oh well…never mind, i feel bad; that’s the point)

when i was on my “tour of duty” throughout south texas this weekend, we stopped for lunch in laredo (adobada translates as “devil dish” in my opinion); and it was sunny, and 87 degrees. when i left my house it was grey, kinda rainy, and about 50. i assumed it had warmed up and sunned up that way EVERYWHERE (ignoring the three and a half hours of road behind us traveled at 85…i mean 65 mph…damn, i wish i hadn’t given those guys from enterprise this url)..but the bottom line is, there it was pretty, and here, from what i was told, it wasn’t.

and it still isn’t. it’s what my “sister” kathi called a “mood matcher”, or “mood masher” (damn mobile phone connections…either seems to fit). since i got back, i don’t know a damn person who’s 100% cheerful, and i’m in the same boat. it’s grey. it’s rainy. and i just wanna go home and curl up in bed with a good book and a good drink (these are plan “b”, but plan “a” is not available for cuddling at this point and time; REALLY hope that changes in the future)…and i hear the same thing from everybody else….hope it all passes with the weather; but from what i’m told this seattle-esque stuff will be with us through the weekend. ah well, at least i know this weekend will be 100% adobada free…just got the recipe sent to me; and it doesn’t really help make the moment i peeled back that foil any more magical; in fact the whole “pork” thing still has me wondering; does that just mean (of and from) the pig…no specific part? be afraid…be VERY afraid…

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