reality – there’s an app for that?

people need to learn to put their got damn phones down and actually LOOK at shit…


the other day i got up and was making it through my morning constitutional, phone in hand, per usual. part of the routine this time of year is to check your weather app, as it can vary greatly, and it said it was cloudy, but no chance of rain, and would be so all day. i went to take the dogs out and it was raining.

in my brain – “oh, they haven’t updated the weather app recently”

this is not the first time it’s been raining when my phone says it isn’t. and it won’t be the last. i can guarantee it. what a lot of people (especially the generation coming up) forget is all this tech DOES have a human component to it on the back end, and people make mistakes.

when i got back in the house i commented to the boy about how the rain surprised me, and it was visible on my shirt, and he still asked, “are you sure it’s raining?” and pulled out his phone to check his app.

are you fucking kidding? i don’t need a gotdamn phone to tell me it’s raining – i was just out in it. i have no hair. the only people that know it’s raining outside BEFORE me is somebody who’s also bald, but taller than me, so the rain hit their scalp first!

you see it at shows too – i can’t remember the last show i went to where i didn’t see somebody literally watching the show through their phone as they recorded a song or two, with the exception of the two tool shows i’ve been to recently since they don’t allow you to do that until the last song. and you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief when they finally say you can do it!

on a similar note at the shop last weekend i witnessed another “de-evolution of man” moment. a guy stepped up to pay for a tattoo and was literally less than a foot from our door. he wondered, out loud, if it had gotten chilly during the several hours he was in the shop. i told him i thought it was comfy out, but i don’t get cold easily (true). he then proceeded to pull out his phone to check and see what it said the temperature outside was.

keep in mind he was less than a foot from a door that went…wait for it…outside. he could have just stepped a half step to the left and found his answer. but instead he had to put all his shit down so his hands were free so he could reach in his back pocket, retrieve his phone, unlock it, and then pull up a weather app, wait for it to fully load, etc, etc, etc.

less than a foot from his answer in “the first world”, as people now call “reality”.

and that, kids, is just fucking pathetic.

so put down your phones and look around. you might be surprised at what you see.

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