how long is too long or not long enough?

no, today’s bit is not brought to you by “EXTENZE” or has any other phallic connotation…

…shit, i kinda wish it was that lighthearted.

so i don’t do cards. xmas cards. birthday cards. i just don’t do em. i never send them, rarely (if ever) give them. shit, i don’t know if i’ve bought more than ten in the last twenty years. why not? because i just do gifts. those i do well. plus, you know where you stand with those – if it’s a tangible thing, you keep it. if it’s a consumable, you consume it. and if you don’t like it? you quietly exchange it, sell it, what have you. there’s no set rule, you just deal with “a thing”.

then there’s cards. we still have xmas cards somewhat on display and it’s spring fucking break. why? because nobody knows when you’re supposed to throw em out. or do you? are you supposed to hold on to them for a predetermined period of time? how do you know?

and to that end, what do you do with a corpse’s entry in your phone?

not to be morbid or anything, but is there a set time you’re supposed to update and delete? i help out this woman with tech shit who’s lost both her husband and her son in the last few years, and he was an only child. i guarantee both are still in her phone. she’s even got his last voicemail and text saved. i never expect her to delete those.

but i was also friends with her son. yeah, we hadn’t spoke in the last twelve years (not on me) except at his old man’s funeral, but he’s still in my phone. so is my dad, who woulda turned seventy-nine today. when do you ditch that shit? part of me feels i should do it after i write this, and part of me isn’t sure i can…at least the latter one. is there a timeline on this formally?

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