whiskey wednesday won

so, last year i tried a different irish whiskey every week of the month…

…then did a review bit about it.

well this march i decided to do something a bit different. yes, i’m still gonna drink plenty of whiskey. yes, i’m still gonna try a different one every week. but this time we’ll break it up into a couple bits. this would be the first one, which features:

week one (march 1-7) – powers gold label irish whiskey

at 86.4 proof we jumped in with some no joke shit here. it’s a head turner on the first sip, but smooths out from there. i should mention that unlike shane, i just can’t enjoy my whiskey at room temp. everything on these lists is sipped with ice, but no other mixers. this has good robust flavor and, like i said, after the first sip is as smooth as a standard eighty proofer, kinda like…

week two (march 8-14) – jameson cask mates (stout edition)

i looked at this like an irish car bomb for the lactose intolerant, or those that don’t wanna lose five percent of the shot that inevitably splashes out when you drop the glass in the glass, because it’s irish whiskey aged in guinness barrels. i like the flavor of this much better than normal jameson, and now that i’m typing this might have to go hit this again.

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