go nuts for donuts?

i know that donuts are not the most nutritious breakfast…

..despite what late night tv taught me:

but in case you want donuts that’ll kill you pretty much instantly, you can always go this route:

now i’ll grant you, i’ve tried some odd food to get bits for you folk, but i’m a little too serious about my weight loss to set myself back THIS fucking far. ya know that week after you die? yeah, you could have lived to see that but didn’t just ’cause you ate ONE of these. guaranteed!

when i was a kid we got bad information on nutrition in my opinion. when i was coming up i was taught that as long as you hit three out of the four food groups in a meal, it’s a healthy meal. but for reals?

mcdonald’striple cheeseburger

beef patty – meat group, bun – bread group, cheese – dairy group, ketchup – vegetable group – so it’s healthy

little ceasar’sbacon wrapped deep dish pizza

crust – bread group, sauce – vegetable group, cheese – dairy group, bacon – meat group – so it’s healthy

we weren’t taught to count grams of fat (“fuck the metric system” was pretty much the norm back then), or calories, or anything close to carbs. “hit three outta four and your golden”, was all we were told. gee, wonder where the obesity epidemic came from? we had this as our knowledge, and fed our kids accordingly. and if you do the math, those kids are, for the most part, parents now.

so, yeah, just because kfc decided to raise our overall national cholesterol average just by having these donuts exist doesn’t mean any of us need to eat them. take better care of yourself until the corona virus takes you down.

(and happy birthday os if you actually read my shit!)

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