corona royale

people keep ignoring the POSITIVE SIDE of this potential pandemic we’re facing…

…and believe it or not, there is one.

does the phrase “natural selection” mean anything to you?

look – everybody is washing their hands more, and running on gloves and masks and hand sanitizer like it was bottled water and beer before a big storm blows thru. well, “everybody” except the trumpians and fox news folks. they’re all convinced that everything will be fine, despite the current administration…

1. drastically cutting the CDC budget
2. part of that budget cut being the complete destruction of the pandemic division
3. fighting in court to make sure preexisting conditions keep you from health insurance

so, assuming they practice what they preach (not their strong suit) they should keep acting like the virus is all under control, putting them at a much greater risk of contracting it. so maybe this is just nature’s way of weeding them out? hey, it could do worse…somebody keep this woman free of this shit!

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