life hack achieved! (a throwback)

so, according to ye olde archives…

…eighteen years ago today i was off to oklahoma for a few days in a rented ford explorer. today i’ll be driving around austin in a blacked out bmw 5 series. i’d say i’ve upgraded on multiple levels here!

03/05/2002: “oklafuckinhoma”

how on EARTH could someone live in a state content with mediocrity? i mean, their state motto is, “oklahoma is okay”. what the hell got voted down? “oklahoma – at least we’re not as bad as genital warts”? or, “oklahoma – you KNEW their was a reason you just gave us away to the indians, didn’t you”?

well, i get to find out today when i head to oklafuckinhoma. it’s odd; as a child i went THROUGH (note: not TO) oklahoma ONCE. yet, i’ve somehow ended up there THREE times in the last year. today, it’ll be breakfast in austin, lunch in dallas, and dinner in tulsa, oklafuckinhoma. when i laid out my agenda for the next two days over dinner last night, the response was, “babe, what’s the rush? with all that driving it seems like you should take three days, so why only two?” two reasons: one, it’s time i’d rather spend with those i care about, like the person who asked that over dinner last night. and two? it’s oklafuckinhoma.

if i’m not back by thursday morning, send in the choppers.

2020 note – said person, who’s still close with me, now lives with her husband of over a decade in hit native land…of tulsa, oklafuckinhoma!

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