it’s like a normal tuesday, but it wears a cape

so, today is super tuesday…

…and i feel woefully uninformed.

we’ve been so clouded by the 256 democratic presidential nominees that i didn’t know shit about the candidates for other offices. i found myself predominantly voting female, minority, or both just because i know the elected officials in my area are overwhelmingly white and male.

and speaking of white folk, check this out:

see the littlest district towards the top? 400? that’s my neighborhood – which is predominantly white. we are surrounded by areas that are “more diverse”, which is the 2020 way of saying they are disproportionately NOT white. that’s why they’re all lumped together into huge districts, where as i am literally the tiniest one.

i tend to forget how we’re singled out and head to the polling place that makes sense to me based on my location, which inevitably leads to me hopping church to church like some guilt-ridden idiot looking for solace…

…and all i’m trying to do is vote for bernie.

i was on the fence about this – i think he’s got good policies, but he has the word “socialist” attached to him, which is gonna crush him with with moderates and older folks since the associate the term with the election-meddling russians (which is far from a stretch since the second “s” in “ussr” does actually stand for “socialist”) but at least he remember what office he’s running for and doesn’t seem occasionally disconnected like biden, but then again the patron saint of modern conservatives, reagan, once said, “what would this country be without this great land of ours…”


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