it’s sunday…

…and i’m not gonna lie – if i had normal people hours, today i’d be firing up the grill, gettin’ laundry did, and generally enjoying the day. yesterday woulda been all about home-bound productivity, maybe some errands. but last night? would been all about relieving the week’s tensions. horizontally. and sometimes’ ya gotta set the mood…

this kids, is NOT how you set the mood. at least i would hope not.

you’re supposed to burn all six candles simultaneously as each one is supposed to smell like a separate part of a mcdonald’s quarter pounder with cheese – bun, meat, pickles, ketchup, onion, and, course, cheese.

(i’d be lying if i didn’t say i was ashamed of myself that i listed those without looking – once a fat kid, always a fat kid)

now, in addition to your bedroom smelling like a mickey d’s, wouldn’t it also be bright as fuck with all six candles going? let the mclovin’ commence!

this isn’t new – various places have produced candles that smell like everything from KFC to new nikes. they will be available in extremely limited quantities when released, so when (if?) they actually come out you’ll have a new reason to sit in the drive-thru!

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