enough death already!

so, time to vent…

..if anybody around me even gets the sniffles right now i get nervous.

budnik has a spot on the side of his face that he keeps scratching at so it won’t stop bleeding. like, as i type this, it’s not. and it has topical medicine on it. but later tonight it’ll dry and scab in the middle of the night, he’ll swipe it once too often with a paw, and then it’ll start bleeding. while the ufc is quick to point out it’s just a superficial wound and no biggie, “cmv virus” is a fairly superficial health concern but it killed my dad two weeks back.

granted, the whole compromised immune system due to the kidney transplant (that also transplanted the cmv virus) had a lot to do to it.

still enough to spook a muthaphuka. and i’ve spent the last two days putting this together:

that’s gonna be the back “cover photo” of john mark’s program for his “celebration of life”, which is how his mom is getting around that whole “no funerals!” demand from her only kid. as the ufc says, funerals aren’t for the DEAD, they’re for the living. while i’m still mentally, emotionally, and financially wrestling with the amarillo one for dad (ten days a cancelled charge has been in “pending” status as of this writing and it needs to fucking DROP) i have dealt, head on, with the one for my first friend to drop, albeit a bit later than the bit i did, but this was closest to his birthday. plus, i had coined the phrase “an unusual day for an unusual guy” or something to that effect, which is now the events unofficial tagline.

oh, and design is meant to symbolize he and his father, who passed away a couple years ago, walking off into the sunset in the country. the original photo idea was a road in the small town of mcmahan, texas, where his dad grew up, but when his mom was asking me about how i’d do it i have her a ten minute photoshop version which included me basically pulling an image off google, which she liked infinitely more than the actual road, so that’s the background you see above. it’s actually four images artfully edited together with a little photoshop trickery tossed in. not bad for being self-taught, huh?

so there’s the dad thing, and the john mark thing, and my credit score, which dies at the hand of my own stupidity and an expensive car repair this month. so, um, yeah…no more death or i might just have to join the list.

(side note – to my knowledge eddie van halen is fine, so don’t feel that’s part of the “death” theme – i actually made this for a different bit that ran several back but then decided not to use it, and had really been wanting to, so here we are…)

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