i openly admit, i am probably blaming the man for something that’s not 100% his fault here…

…but ever since dicklick 45 took office i’ve noticed his supporters will drop straight bullshit with the confidence of it being factual. AND, surprisingly, that whole “alternative facts” shit from the super early days of his administration didn’t take hold NEARLY as bad as i feared it might.

or maybe it did but they just stopped using the term?

a couple examples…

i’ve had some of his followers state straight bullshit to me that facts completely contradict, only for me to point that out and they respond with, “no, it’s…[repeat the bullshit they just said]”. like when i tell my boss we need to get the a/c fixed in a shop because it’s too warm and he tells me it’s perfectly comfortable. and when i repeat, “no, it’s uncomfortably warm” he just fires back, “no, it’s nice out today – the shop’s comfortable”. when i reiterate my point, prefacing it with, “motherfucker, i’m standing INSIDE the fucking shop when i’m saying this, and you’re at home – i think i know how the room i’m actually fucking standing in feels like!” he just repeats back, “no, it’s fine…”

fucking seriously? i didn’t call for me – i can leave. i’m calling ’cause customers are complaining – let’s keep ’em happy so they come back, huh?

“hey, at least we don’t have hillary!” – him the day after the election.

then there’s the gym, where the owner’s son and i have never spoken about politics, but sometimes you just know based on the religious thing alone.

“so you cheat on your pregnant wife with porn chicks and teach guys to grab women by the pussy and lie more than a rug BUT you’ll put in anti-abortion judges? yeah, we got you!” – the religious right

they recently expanded and remodeled and i have to say it pretty much looks fabulous. i say “pretty much” because part of the new equipment is fixed weight bars, which normally come in two styles – straight bars and curl bars. normally on side-by-side racks, and classically piecemealed together where part of the curls are on one rack, part on the other.

that happens here all the time, but not because folks are sloppy – because they only ordered half of each set and filled one rack. so, if you wanna do curls with a proper curl bar, you have to go 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100. likewise, straight is 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110. most folks don’t jump twenty pounds between sets. when i brought this up to the owner’s kid, rather than own what i figured was the obvious (we fucked up, the others will be on their way…or simply, “we fucked up”) he said they did it that way ON PURPOSE so you could either use straight or curl or alternate (which nobody does…ever). when i asked, “you’re’ serious? you guys didn’t just screw up and order a half set? or put the rest of the set in luling or something?” and he stuck to his story.

which is either bullshit or their complete morons. total coin tosser on that one i’m afraid.

but i swear back in 2015 they’d have just owned a mistake and moved on. now they move on with an “i meant to do that” attitude, which can only be attributed to the head of the bumblefucks from where i’m standing.

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