psycho bitch syndrome (a throwback)

if you’re a guy, you know this guy…

…and if you don’t, you probably ARE this guy.

lump o’ clay or started that way?

by sean ~ May 20th, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized.

yes, i’ve got my creative juices flowing tonight…

…in liquor store terms, it’s called “scotch”.

”i like my scotch like i like my women – smooth, wet, and aged at least eighteen years…”

it’s a cute quote (and one of my own) but truth be told, i prefer the late twenties early thirties variety (in both scotch and women) – i just can’t afford the former (and possibly not the latter). but the birthday DOES approacheth in exactly one month from today (juneteenth, in case the fucked up clock for this stuff time stamps it friday, may twentieth) so pick me up a little something and make my day a happy one…

(…scotch being the implication – i believe the notorious h.l.g. would have objections otherwise)

if all else fails, just send it to the astrowhore suite at the hard rock in vegas – i’ll be there starting juneteenth.

speaking of creating, i was having a chat with a friend of mine. all was a pleasant exchange until i said the wrong thing…

”so, what’s up with the girl…”

turned up she was dearly departed (as in dumped, not dead – or at least that’s the alibi we’re both sticking to) and the subject instantly turned to her “turning psycho and needing to be dismissed”. it seems that EVERY story i hear from this guy ends in the same basic theme – which is the nice thing about being a guy; you can date a girl for two weeks or two years, break up, and your friends will totally dismiss it with three simple words from you:

”bitch went nuts”

at least your MALE friends will.

and i must say, i can relate to his woes. i, too, have a history of ending up in relations with people of the questionable mental stability. i would say, “current company excluded” but the girl DID move from miami to lockhart AND agree to spend the rest of her life with me…

…if that’s not the definition of temporary insanity, i don’t know what is – but, i digress.

**2020 note – thankfully she “came to her senses”, or one us did, which is how we got the ufc!**

so my buddy and i have a history of picking those of questionable sanity. i have another friend that had a knack for picking those of questionable sexual preference. these things happen. but i began to wonder – are these characteristics part of our “type”, as it were, or do we drive our perspective mates to such things. the way i look at it, things can go one of three ways…

either –

a. we tend to \\always\\ pick mates that are psycho (or gay, or abusive, or what have you) because it’s just some underlying personality quirk that makes them our “type” (as many mental health experts would have us believe there is such a thing) even though it’s not something that is outwardly apparent (or, perhaps it is and we choose to ignore it)

b. we are actually the ones with the problem, but we tend to project our issues onto our mate and see them as that way, even though they really aren’t at all.


c. they weren’t that way until they met US…and now they actually “fit the profile”

…which do YOU think it might be?

(and if one of the few people i talked to tonight to research this can recall what the middle thing actually was, ’cause i think i had something different PRE-second glass of scotch, please write it in in the comments section)

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