is there anybody out there?

i’ve been reading up on “click farms” and shit…

…have you heard of this shit?

man, i thought life at dell was miserable…

it’s a company that’s paid to create fake likes and followers for people’s social media accounts. while i’d be tempted to do it for the atomic shit i do, i could give two shits about my personal social media sites. as for this one, it would be nice, but i’d know it was fake, so who’d give a shit? i know i get plenty of bots – i used to browse my spam comment folder from time to time. we had a hit counter on here, but took it off ages ago. while i kind of miss it, reading articles about how forty-percent of web traffic is bot-based makes me not really want a hit counter after all…if it’s not actual readers, why would i care?

shit, the truly lazy can just buy followers at vending machines now.

so why bother? i mean, your pic of your dog got 1,005 likes but you just straight bought 1,000 of em? does your dog care? is your ego that fragile? i followed up on another article that showed, as an experiment, how they started a very real account for a very fake “influencer”, then bought likes and followers, and before too much money was spent they started getting offered endorsement deals in the $500 range.

i could really use a few deals worth $500. pay off some shit, ya know?

the fact that could happen makes me weep for the future…although the fact my spellcheck flagged the word “influencer” as not being a real word does give me some hope for the future.

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