ranger danger – you can smell it!

ah, the wonderful world of law enforcement trying to keep up with marijuana legalization…

…because just ’cause it’s “legal” don’t mean it’s LEGAL, ya know?

just because it’s legalized doesn’t mean everybody partakes. and those that don’t (and some of those that do) aren’t fans of the olfactorial assault that can occur near where it grows. yeah, it’s natural and all that, but so is organic beef, which i enjoy, but i wouldn’t wanna live downwind from the slaughter house, ya know?

usually an aroma strong enough to wake (or just piss off) the neighbors is an indicator that somebody ain’t exactly following the letter of the law, because every state that has it legalized also has a preset cap on your horticultural endeavors.

and that’s where the problems arise.

there were, for a while, no limits in some spots on passing off that part of your prescription or license. so those not botanically inclined simply signed that part of their script over to those who were and farms started to pop up. those days are pretty much over, but once the crops are planted they tend to come back year after year. the problem is the sticky icky is also the stinky icky and neighbors started to complain.

enter the “nasal ranger“, a device that allows those with already sensitive sniffers (“professional sniffer” in an actual job title, in case you’re curious) to turn into long range dope dogs and sniff out the offending crop. yeah, this is what we need to waste our technological savvy on.

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