in the end they get their way

i read an interesting article earlier…

…and i was gonna fight it, but there’s one thing i hate worse than people who murder the english language…


and i would be one at that point.

i know in a past bit i’ve mentioned my stance on “they” and “them” for nonbinary folk because it’s a plural pronoun. i always said when the dictionary changes it’s stance on the topic, so will i. i would quickly add that “urban dictionary” didn’t count.

well, you’ll notice the article i reference in the intro isn’t the urban one, it’s the webster one. and while i was tempted to fight it “since it’s how i grew up with it”, i constantly dog on my uncle for him refusing to change with the times, and my history of that goes back just far enough i feel that if i DON’T adapt i’m becoming what i make fun of.

and i can’t have that.

so, while it doesn’t come up often in my world, if an individual wants to go by “they” or “them” so be it. and if they happen to be of the more obese variety, that just adds a level of humor to it, don’t it?

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