layer cake…WHITE cake (a flashback of a flashback?)

at this point i’ve done ridiculous amounts of entries on here.

so flashbacks KINDA make sense. but this was a supposed flashback (with no reference to when the original bit came out, i might add) done after the site had only been up a year and a half. and i still worked for star tickets back then, so life hadn’t entered the corporate doldrums where i’m desperate for material (2004-2008). this (and the bit it goes back to?) would all be during the time ME was an avid reader, and seeing as how it’s her birfmas and all today it made sense to run it, so i don’t know what happened here, but here go…

do it again

by sean ~ July 21st, 2003. Filed under: Uncategorized.

this weekend was filled with way too much booze, a bit too much sun, and several cartoon fish. but here’s a lil’ bit from the whore’s past for you to savor while i ponder what all happened the last couple of days…

okay, so FINALLY i have somebody to sue. bout damn time. i was gonna wait till tomorrow to put this in, but i can’t. this is the second part to the “white people” comment. and i can’t sue someone who did something this funny…

in protest to all the native-american slams that go on in mascots these days, there’s a team in colorado called, “the fighting whites” i shit you not. the fighting whities.

TOO fucking funny.

so now, can i sue them? they’ve got a rather ward cleaver looking guy on their jerseys, and the slogan on the front of their t-shirts says, “everythang’s gonna be all white”. so, am i supposed to feel the way they do when they see a cleveland baseball jersey? ’cause i’m laughing my ASS off here, and i’m NOT offended. i think it’s funny as hell. as carlos mencia says time and time again, “lighten up, america”.

2020 update – the team is now gone, and might have just been a marketing scheme but did a butt load of good while they were around.

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