an old idea, now more expensive and marketed to white women

when i was in junior high i discovered a magical place on the town square of san marcos, texas…

…sundance records & tapes.

it was dark small cave of a store where everything was covered with posters and stickers and flyers and such (which is what inspired AND supplied a good bit of the content for my home studio, for anybody who’s been to the house). all the LPs were out in bins where you could flip through them, and all the cassettes were behind the counter. there were glass cases with all kinds of weird shit (i didn’t know what bongs and one hitters were back then) and a giant stinky rack of incense that had in it, amongst the common shit like sandlewood, fresh, and nag champa, things labeled “money” (which did not smell like money, but was maybe meant to attract it?) and “pussy”.

being a junior high kid, that last one fascinated me. i had no idea what the real thing smelled like. when i worked there later (by then it had moved across from campus, and we’d jumped from 1983 to 1996) i found out the scent had been around since the sixties, and i was also old enough to know it wasn’t exactly accurate.

so i’m pretty sure this little nick-knack just HAS to nail it…

because instead of costing a nickel a stick like the shit sundance used to sell it runs seventy-five fucking dollars. more shockingly, it’s fucking sold out, proving that white women will buy ANYTHING on goop.

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