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i might not still have a subscription…

…but i still get to read em!

back in the 90’s i was looked at as a weirdo because i bought vinyl instead of CD’s. i said the sound was better, they said i was full of shit. some of the bigger bands of the day (pearl jam, tool) agreed with me which was obvious because their shit would be released on vinyl sometimes WEEKS ahead of the cd release (tool’s √¶nima album came out almost a month ahead on vinyl, as my cd loving friends found out since the cassette i made off it lived in my car for that entire month prior played C O N S T A N T L Y).

i still have a lot of it, some of it has been moved out due to lack of sentimentality and overwhelming profit margin.

an example – pearl jam’s no code, which sucked, had cool packaging, so i opened the LP to see if the packaging was basically the same (it was) but then had to pay for it because sony didn’t take returns on opened product. paying $9 for an album you don’t even want stings a bit when you’re only getting six bucks an hour, but feels okay when said nine dollar investment goes for almost twenty times that ($175) on eBay several years later.

and this last year LPs supposedly outsold CDs for the first time. i don’t doubt they outsold them, i just feel like we’ve heard this for a couple years now, so i doubt the “first time” aspect.

it was pretty fucking cool to wander into FYE to buy some funko pops for xmas and see a whole rack of vinyl (with the misfits at the front of it!) so i might have to start picking some up again…but first i gotta get my studio back online so i have a place to listen to the shit!

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