the tax man rapeth (a throwback)

some good with some bad here…

…the bad? eighteen years ago i wasn’t writing the whore, kramer was.

(i took over in late february of 2002)

and apparently seventeen years ago, in 2003, i was prepping for a star tickets colorado trip so there’s no bits for a week or so, and this fell during that week. shit happens. the good? we broke a new month not in the archives yet, which is always cool, so we get…

refund drama
by sean ~ March 23rd, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized.

i gotta stop even PARTIALLY writing my shit in advance…

…’cause sometimes, thankfully, it doesn’t work out.

last night, after writing the tuesday bit, and the wednesday bit, i even started on the thursday bit.

(straight fifteen year old scotch (or any liquor, i think) equals mass creativity (or at least mass bitching) in my world)

what i wrote for today:

”fuck every tax prep place in the country. ME said it best – ‘the government has done a fine job at making the american public think they can’t do their taxes…’ last year i owed the i.r.s. big time, and they took my refund. this year, i **still** owed, but knew that the refund would be bigger, and i’d get some scratch – i went to h&r block to get one of those quick loans, and because i still owed the feds it got dragged out for ‘no more than two weeks’. today i go in and try and get my check, and no dice.

more delays.

more bullshit.

i should have just filed with the feds via turbo tax, ’cause i got the e-file postcard that said i could, had it dropped direct into my bank account, and paid $20 for the software versus the $150 block charged me – more money in my pocket, and the same timeline. why the fuck do people use these schmucks anyway?!?!!?”

well, not so much. the last paragraph still holds true. i DID have pretty much all the paperwork i needed since back in january, and just sat on it. that’s on me. the money i owed to the i.r.s.? that’s on me, too.

the fact that LAST year they said i only owed them $250 and that somehow mushroomed to over $600 by this time this year? that just shows that they learned their interest rates from the mafia.

fuck it.

i got a check today for what i was told i would get, MINUS the six bills that the guy from the i.r.s said i owed (twice what the automated service said).

fuck it. money in hand. CASH money.

test drove the explorer sport trac. loved it. and set a new goal.

NOW i wanna get this all set up to where i can roll in the new truck as of next weekend. alex will be in miami. i wanna go to the beach. it seats four comfortably. who’s in for the treck to port aransas for the day next saturday?





**2020 note – i still, to this day, have never owned a truck, including this one. i got the camaro a bit later when a failed malibu engine forced the issue**

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