the death of icons (yes, plural)

i’m not saying i’m a “visionary”, but…

…just off tv commercials i knew star wars was gonna be huge. amazing. “awesome” if i had used that word back then, but i didn’t. in my defense, i was six.

the downside to any movie in this franchise is it will be subject to nerd-fueled dissection for years. how it compares to the original trilogy (no comparison for the technological advances of the original alone) or the second trilogy that was actually the first films (again, no comparison, but for far worse reasons). a part of me was sad to see it go, but then something occurred to me…

…i saw the first one when i was six, days after it came out. and now i’m half-way between forty-eight and forty-nine. they’ve watched over that part of my childhood long enough.

of course, as you do, there is a period of your adolescence (or at least there used to be, it seems to have gone away these days) where you somewhat push away your childish things so there was a period in my life when star wars wasn’t quite “the thing” it was later in life or earlier, but those years went from the mid-eighties to the mid-nineties, when they weren’t doing anything with the franchise anyway. but then mom passed, i started to get sentimental about my childhood, and biggity-BAM – there was talk of another one, and three years later there it was.

i mean, yeah, it was “episode 1”, but fuck you – it was star wars!

but now it’s done. it was a fun ride. i’ll buy one of the inevitable box sets at one point…maybe…i mean, we have disney plus now, so don’t we have it all since disney now owns…well…everything?

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