twenty year old spice for your twenty-twenty

i’m about to type something i never woulda predicted i’d ever type without a modicum of irony behind it, but this is legit…

…i’ve become a mel c (aka “sporty spice” fan)

yes, the only spice girl to ever keep her legs covered in every pic:

prompting the questions as to why – bad prison tattoo? needle marks? unsightly stubble? anyway, she’s now a dj, too:

here’s a peak behind the curtain – ever since i got turned on to depeche mode in the early 80’s i’ve been an electronic music fan. it’s upbeat temp can keep me going just as well as upbeat metal, industrial, or hip-hop. basically, driving music drives me to get shit done. so, whenever you’re reading this, there was something thumping in the background as it was written; and the bulk of the time it’s some edm dj set. a bunch of the recent ones were from mel c. hit mixcloud and check her out…you won’t be disappointed. and you might just get more shit done.

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