“get in the truck, bitch” vs “get in the bitch truck”

so, let’s play a game:

which is real, and which is concept vehicle?

truck 1:

truck 2:

most logical folk would be saying “duh!”, right now, with the obvious answer being 1 is real and 2 is concept.

but in the world where elon musk gets to call a shot or two, the opposite is actually true.

yep, that hunk of shit on the bottom that looks like it was designed by a kid who lost half his lego bricks and just had to “make do” during playtime is a real thing, rolled out by musk to much fanfare a week or so ago. supposedly it’s what he’s actually gonna release. assuming the other one i found had SOME kind of basis in reality, where the fuck did they make this wrong a turn? how did this monstrosity get green lighted?

my boss likes to point out that i “don’t pay the bills or make the ‘big’ decisions” but i quickly make it known that when i think said people are making really stupid fucking decisions i’m not a “yes man” by any stretch of the imagination and will let them know, if for no other reason than to avoid being part of the “we” when shit hits the fan and the inevitable “well, WE fucked up…” statement comes around.

i think the tesla troop that said this was ugly need to speak up NOW.

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