when does today become tomorrow?

i tried to do an impromptu friend poll on this…

…but got no response. thanks, em.

moving on…

…in my industry i work with a variety of ages. some are older, but the bulk are younger, and some are a lot younger. and most in that last category tend to keep WAY different hours than me these days. i was talking to one twenty-something co-worker who claims she typically goes to bed right after the sun comes up and sleeps till one or so, which explains why she’s always late to 2pm shifts.

i told her i could relate because at her age i was doing something similar. and back then when i used to say “i’m doing this tomorrow”, but i was referring to the current calendar day that was mere hours old and folks felt the urge to correct me, i would correct THEM and explain tuesday didn’t become wednesday until i went to sleep and woke back up, regardless of what the clock said.

i.e. 5am wednesday is still tuesday if i’m “playing thru” and haven’t been to sleep yet.

but there were always exceptions – holidays and birthdays, typically. if you’re with your girl, and it’s 12:02 am, you want birthday sex, even though you haven’t been to sleep because technically it’s you’re birthday. i’ve also been known to give xmas gifts just after midnight xmas eve, and new year’s even goes without saying.

but then you get back to some random sunday in january at 2am and *poof* – it’s still saturday ’cause i haven’t been to sleep yet. although i’ve actually noticed if i DO know i’ll go to sleep when it’s still dark, i’ll now count that as sunday even though i haven’t crashed. maybe it’s just an age thing? where do y’all draw the line?

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