99 cans of beer on the wall, 99 cans of beer…

i occasionally drink beer, but i am by no means what i’d call a “beer drinker”…

…which is why i didn’t know that in my birth city this was a thing:

yeppers – that’s a 99 pack of beer from an austin brewery, which is actually only $99. for craft beer, that’s a good deal. i’ve had some of their stuff – it’s not bad. this all started back in 2014, the year i was married. had i known this existed i probably woulda had one at the wedding…

…and shane woulda ended up sleeping on the couch in the suite. but never mind that now.

PBR had done a 99 pack as a limited holiday thing in canada for a while apparently…

which begs two questions:

1. what’s a “canette”, eh?


2. was this before or after the austin one?

some articles i read made it out to be before, but then when they announced they might do a 99 pack on twitter it started a twitter war (is it weird that before our current president i had no idea that was even a thing?) and so they backed off the idea. but really – can you patent content number on packaging? that seems a little warped…and the austin one isn’t a fucking “canette”, whatever that is.

and then, of course, the pissing contest began:

yep, that’s a 1,000 pack of finnish beer for just over $2,300.00 american. the problem is that’s almost two and a half times the price of the good austin craft beer. those scandanavian folk might know how to build a whole bedroom set with a little l-shaped allen wrench, but they suck at figuring out bulk pricing. unfortunately americans suck at it as well, even when they try to spike the ball on this shit:

yep – the “biggest pack in history” (i also saw the one that said it was 3,456 but i think that was a photoshopped one of these) but the price averages out to almost $1.50 a can – which is about how much a can averages in a twelve pack…shouldn’t the average drop dramatically at this level of bulk?

clearly the people doing the pricing (and even concocting this bullshit) are “getting high off their own supply”! at least the austin folk got it right. go on, austin!

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