exercise your democracy, get your pornography

well, i decided to try it…

…strictly for the bit, of course.

i read an article about how you could get a free premium youporn membership with “proof” you had voted. since i don’t take my phone in such places i didn’t really have any proof other than this:

so i sent that in. i had already read up on what this would get me compared to the free stuff and decided, “eh, fuck it” (pun intended).

it’s honestly not that different. i mean, the lack of ads is nice, but i tend to not watch a lot of porn in one sitting so i was basically only sitting through one or two ads and only once or twice a month. yes, a month. turns out now that i’m older and married and constantly have a teenager around other than during the day when, quite honestly, i have better shit to do than watch busty tattooed latinas get plowed (unless i’m the one doing the plowing).

i’ve always seen watching porn as kinda like watching sports – if you’re in the mood to skate, and the weather or your mood or whatever gets in the way it’s okay to watch a skate video. but it’s not the same as actually doing it. i wouldn’t compare it to team sports – typically you’re routing for a team (go spurs go!) but it’s not like that in porn. you KNOW he’s gonna get his. you figure she might get hers? unless you’re watching squirter videos, then you KNOW she gets hers, too. but perhaps i’ve said too much.

i’ve got the free membership for another ninety-four days, or with my regularity, about ten more uses. we’ll see if it pans out. i guess technically it was worth it since it was free, right? i was impressed they just send you a login and a password but then never ask for any credit card info. time will tell how much my inbox blows up (again, pun intended).

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