slow down my ass (a throwback)

yeah, i know this a day off…

…but it’s still a great story, so:

10/23/2002: “zoom”

i love rental cars. mainly because typically they’re better (and always newer) than my car. plus, the guys at enterprise seem to take care of me pretty well, so i usually end up with the best they have. sure, they all have their disadvantages, like the fuel door factor (when you go to gas up you will almost ALWAYS pull up with the wrong side to the pump at least once, right?) and the parking lot factor (walking right past the son of a bitch on your way to a car that looks a lot more like yours than the rental does) but other than that, it’s all good…plus, at least with the better ones, i like to get them on this one straight, flat stretch of road and “see what that puppy can do”…

it was one of the “puppy runs” that almost got me in trouble. i was in a good mood on monday, after a nice dinner with sparkling company AND taking advantage of the early wrap-up thereof and running about knocking out the stickering of five of my seven outlets…the way home i NEEDED a slight celebration, so when i got past the speed trap that is martindale, i decided it was go time. i got on the nice, straight stretch leading up to a hill and punched it; the 2003 maxima i was in got up to just over 130 mph…basically twice the posted speed limit. then all of a sudden, i notice the car way back in the distance…and it lights have started to alternately blink (wig-wags, if you know your cop terms).


so, i fly over the top of the hill and the son of a bitch is still about a mile back…and closing fast. i decide to sit in the parking lot of the maxwell post office and wait (lights off, of course)…when i turn down that road, a brand new mitsubishi eclipse pulls out onto the road and punches it…just in time for sheriff boy to round the top of the hill seconds later. now, both the eclipse AND the maxima have triangle lenses with round tail lights and third lights on the spoilers. since the light pattern is all he could see on me from the distance, guess who took the fall on this one. the sedan casually sitting in the parking lot or the brand new, black sports car that’s going 75 mph on the highway? hmmm…i mean, by the time he had him line-of-sight the eclipse was already up to 75, which is 10 mph over…but the sheriff probably thought he had just slowed down to that. just wonder what the ticket said when it got written out. i disappeared down a back road and saw the pull over from a distance when i got back on the highway. and it was behind me. oh well, these things happen…what kinda road karma do you think i’ll get for this one?

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“Hey, Bubba, watch me do this!”

astrofishy said @ 10/24/2002 02:20 AM GMT

lucifer has a special place for you… right down front – his right hand.

i’m still watching (god – cotton tighty-whities – as if) said @ 10/24/2002 01:23 AM GMT

Why is it everyone else in the world can get away with crap like that and I go even 5 miles over the limit and I get ticketed?

You’re a bad boy– but that’s why I like to read you so, keep up the good work!

MC said @ 10/23/2002 05:28 PM GMT

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