nazis are bad – but how bad are the nonagenarian ones?

i think we can all agree the title is factual…

…well, all but one of us.

but that being said, i don’t know how i feel about the trial going on in germany right now. the defendant, i will assume one of the last living guards from the nazi regime, is under trial for his crimes, now seventy-five years old. the crimes that is. he’s in his mid nineties, but is being tried in youth court because he was seventeen at the time the crimes were committed. so will he be sent to juvi if found guilty?


i mean, i get it. there’s no statute of limitation on murder. and they want any nazi they can to be held accountable for the atrocities of world war 2. but when you’re ninety three, have been free this whole time, and they can’t even directly tie you to ANY of the 5,500 plus deaths they’re nailing to you, but rather that you didn’t risk your own ass trying to stop them (they kinda frowned on that shit, you know), what kind of victory did you accomplish here?

he can’t even go through the trial process for more than two hours a day due to health reasons. think about that – he can’t sit in a court room, in his wheel chair, listening to shit for more than two hours a day because he’s so frail. to frail to sit and listen for two hours? something tells me his “danger to society” days are behind him.

according to one of the articles i found, apparently a combination of recent changes to german law combined with said laws being used to prosecute another guard four years ago have led to this trial. he’s a baker, a dad, and i’ll assume at least a grandfather if not a great grandfather. he lived in germany in a time when you HAD to serve in the military – and since he was deemed unfit for combat duty, they made him a guard. but he didn’t fight against his superiors, so now he’s in court facing a decade inside for shit that happened over seven and a half decades ago.

i by no means support the nazi party or it’s hateful beliefs, but having the great grandchildren of victims go after a nonagenarian just seems like best case is a sad old man who fucked up as a teenager dying alone and a hollow victory for knocking a very small cog off a very large wheel, but that’s me.

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